Synaesthesia beta 4 released

With much of the film industry sunning themselves on yachts in Cannes,  leaving the rest (i.e. the ones that do the work, right?) behind to work, I’m happy to announce Synaesthesia beta 4 for your pleasure.

Beta 4 comprises some new features and fixes, largely based on feedback from people at NAB last month.

Of particular note is the inclusion (finally) of a preferences dialog. It’s a bit sparse right now, but expect it to get filled up with all sorts of customisable features in the future. One of the noteworthy preferences in there is certainly going to make the DITs and data wranglers amongst you happy: Synaesthesia now has a setting to automatically capture MD5 (read: bulletproof!) checksums for any file you attach to anything. That means you get a checksum for the R3D file you’ve linked to a clip, as well as for the spreadsheet you’ve added to a scene.

Ok so that’s only half the picture, because the real use of having checksums is when you can verify them. Well, Synaesthesia will do that too! Any time you open an attachment in Synaesthesia, it will automatically verify the file for you and flag any differences. This means you don’t have to rely on third-party tools for verifying file integrity any more, which is typically more of a problem over longer periods of time (and ironically when verification is more important). Of course, Synaesthesia can’t fix your broken files, but it can at least give you fair warning of potential problems (you are doing backups, right?).

There’s a few other fixes and other changes in this release, we’ve increased the contrast of text labels so they’re easier to read– I guess not everyone does data entry in the dark (like I do). You should also notice some performance improvements too. As we move towards final release, expect performance to get some serious attention. For all the other changes, check out the release notes for this version.

On another note, after repeated issues with corrupted downloads, we’ve moved to a new server for downloading. Hopefully this will prove more successful, saving you guys frustration, and allowing us to spend more time packing great stuff into the next release.

As always, your feedback is much appreciated. Everyone enrolled on the beta programme will get an email soon, those that aren’t can still sign up.

Posted: May 20th, 2010
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