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Synaesthesia updated to Beta 12…

Happy NAB! Yes, it’s that time of year when products that are not updated very often, finally get updated (yes, I’m looking at you, Apple).

In other news, Synaesthesia Beta 12 is now available. This latest release adds the ability to create sequences using just the data in Synaesthesia. So while we’re all waiting for Final Cut Pro 8 to become available, you can build sequences directly from Synaesthesia, and then export them as EDLs.

Why on Earth would you want to do this? Well let’s say you’re logging Red footage into Synaesthesia. You of course already know how little effort this requires- simply create a new clip, and then drag the R3D file onto the clip breakdown. But now you can create a new sequence, go to the Events tab, click add, and then click next to “Clip:” to choose your logged clip. Synaesthesia will read in the clip information previously logged, and use it to generate a new event in the sequence. You can use this process to quickly create an EDL of footage to be used for VFX work for example (or in YouTube-speak, create a “playlist” of certain clips).

Great? We’ve also added some more Sequence-modifying tools, such as the ability to automatically renumber a sequence, or to regenerate sequence timecodes so that they flow continuously without any breaks between events. You can also lock the duration of events when making changes to source or sequence times. Oh yes, and the aforementioned automated Red logging will now also read some additional data from R3D files, such as the camera model and sensor. Then there’s some more eradicated bugs and other stuff.

Read up on it if you want to know more, and then download the new version.

Posted: April 11th, 2011
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