News for September 2005

Digital Pygmalion…

Digital Pygmalion is a research project that aims to take 2d images (typically photos), and reconstruct 3D objects from them.
The pioneers behind the system, Professor Roberto Cipolla and Dr Carlos Hernandez Esteban at Cambridge University, have recently used the system to create a 3D model of a crocuhing figure, from several different photos of a sculpture created by Adam Gormley.
3D figure
More pictures, movies, and information on the process here

Posted: September 30th, 2005
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Cleaner XL 1.0…

Product: Cleaner XL
Version: XL 1.0 (sp2) (Windows version)
Manufacturer: Autodesk
Price: $549

Performance & stability: 6/10
Features: 8/10
Expected return on investment: 7/10
Support: 6/10
Longevity: 6/10
Flexibility: 5/10

Pros: Fast conversion between many formats, advanced features such as watch folders

Cons:Somewhat unpredictable

Bottom line:When it works, it’s very good, when it doesn’t, it isn’t

Cleaner XLAutodesk Cleaner XL

Cleaner XL started life as Terran Interactive’s Cleaner for Mac a few years ago. Discreet acquired the software around the version 5.0 mark, and developed the current “XL” version for Windows (the current Mac version is simply labelled 6.0) finally branded with the Discreet logo, though not the Discreet or Autodesk look and feel. The XL version has been around for at least 2 years now, and in truth, it’s starting to show its age, but more on that later. Read more »

Posted: September 27th, 2005
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IDIFF 2006…

The International Digital Film Forum is holding an event in 2006.
I picked out a few key words from their press release that seemed important, but it’s so badly written I’m having a hard time decoding it.
Read on for the press release
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Posted: September 26th, 2005
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Xbox Media Center…

Product: Xbox Media Center
Version: 1.1.0
Manufacturer: Microsoft (hardware) Team XBMC (software)
Price: $150 (hardware) / free (software)

Performance & stability: 8/10
Features: 9/10
Expected return on investment: 10/10
Support: 7/10
Longevity: 9/10
Flexibility: 7/10

Pros: Will output almost any digital media you throw at it

Cons: Complex installation; processor must be replaced in order to playback HD data

Bottom line: No facility should be without one

Xbox Media Center 1.1

XBMC logo
What does a Microsoft Xbox games console have to do with the digital intermediate process? Well, though I suspect that this will be one of the more controversial reviews I put on this website, please bear with me as I attempt to explain how an Xbox can form an integral part of any digital intermediate facility.
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Posted: September 26th, 2005
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The Resuscitation of Cinema…

What fascinated me most at IBC was the unspoken question in almost every conference: “Cinema is dead, what happens now?”
Of course, Cinema is not dead, however, in its current form, it is dying. DVD sales now make more more money than the box office. Certainly, simultaneous releases on DVD and on the silver screen will help (as Steven Soderbergh’s next 6 features will be), but the fact of the matter is, theatres cannot compete technologically with the average home entertainment cinema. DIY surround sound is easy, and the quality is great. Screens in the home are large (particularly when coupled with the fact that they are closer and less obscured), and in many ways the picture quality is superior (no dust or scratches, etc.). You can pause a DVD to take a break, there are no interruptions from people fielding cellphone calls, or providing a running commentary, and even the food is cheaper. All in all, watching movies at home is a more relaxed, pleasant experience.
So how can cinemas compete?
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Posted: September 20th, 2005
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