IDIFF 2006

The International Digital Film Forum is holding an event in 2006.
I picked out a few key words from their press release that seemed important, but it’s so badly written I’m having a hard time decoding it.
Read on for the press release

Overcome the weakness of the digital offer

The deployment of digital cinema suffers from the weakness of the content offer, in particular out of European films. It thus appears necessary to create a platform that allows owners of contents adapted to large screens to propose them to exhibitors equipped in digital.

The first International Digital Film Market inaugurated within the framework of IDIFF 2006, is an answer to this issue.

Distributors are invited to reference for free the films for which they have an encoded version or a digital intermediate (easy to encode).

The concept

The market stands on four activities:
– The publication of a catalogue giving for each content:
o The type of the work
o The mastering format
o The media available
o The languages available
o The subtitles available
o The coordinates of the right owner
o The coordinates of the technical contact
o …
– A market place constituted of stands
– A day of conferences specific to distributors and exhibitors, organised on February 2 by the city of Cannes
– Access to the screenings organised, in the evening, in the auditorium Louis Lumière of the Palais des Festivals

A requirement: quality

On the technical level, the market prolongs the spirit of IDIFF since its launch in 2003, which is resolutely turned towards quality. That’s why the market is mainly dedicated to projection in 2K.

On the content level, the market endeavours to propose varied and quality films representative of current productions.

Who is concerned?

European exhibitors who have or intend to invest in digital projection will meet the following content owners:
– Producers
– Distributors
– Catalogue managers
– Right holders of live events
– Advertising agencies
– …

They are invited to reference, for free, their films in the catalogue of the market. A form is available online on the site

What kinds of films are presented?

The contents presented within the framework of the market are encoded in digital or can easily be (from a digital intermediate or an HD master). It consists in:
– Unreleased films
– Classic and restored films
– Documentaries
– Shorts
– Live events
– Advertisements
– …


Created in 2002, the International Digital Film Forum is a unique event in Europe, entirely dedicated to digital cinema, from creation and post-production to diffusion. This event, which accompanies the development of digital technologies throughout the whole chain of cinema, takes place every year, on February, in the Palais des Festivals of Cannes around the triptych “Exhibition – Conferences – Screenings”.

If anyone can decode what all that means, let me know.

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