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Synaesthesia Beta 11 now available…

Film software manufacturers have a tendency to go a bit quiet at this time of year. With NAB on its way, it makes sense to save all the big surprises for April. Not that we haven’t got anything big planned for April, but we felt it was time for a new release of Synaesthesia to eliminate some more bugs and add some more useful stuff to people who need it right now. With that in mind, Synaesthesia beta 11 is now available to download. Beta 11 brings the long-awaited “Sub-scene” functionality. What’s a sub-scene? Let’s say you have a sequence in your screenplay that all occurs within a single location, but that needs to be broken down into several scenes for any number of reasons. It makes sense to visually group these scenes together (and synchronise some of their properties). In Synaesthesia, every scene has a button labelled “Master scene”. By clicking it, you convert the scene from a “master” scene to a sub-scene (or vice versa). When you go from a master scene to a sub-scene, that scene becomes linked to the previous master scene. Several things happen. First of all, it will inherit the location and time from the master scene. Secondly, it will no longer appear underlined (for example when looking at it from the Production Breakdown), and the Scene Breakdown will have an additional link to the master scene.

The Scene Breakdown for a sub-scene

This release also brings a few changes to the Sequence Breakdown. The most noticeable is that the Event window has been re-organised, to make the information clearer and more compact. Additionally, clips and reels can now be changed by choosing other existing clips and/or reels.

The new Event window

Beta 11 is available for download now. Read about all the changes in the release notes.

Posted: January 28th, 2011
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