distributors embrace downloads at last

In a groundbreaking development, five of the six major movie studios have agreed to let consumers download movies to own for the first time. In separate deals set to be announced today, Movielink and CinemaNow are set to offer download-to-own sales of feature films concurrent with the home video release window, in addition to the download-to-rent option that the two digital distribution services already provide. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, MGM and Lionsgate titles will be available on CinemaNow. Movielink has agreements with those studios as well as with Paramount Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Warner Home Video and 20th Century Fox. Prices will be roughly comparable to DVDs — $20 to $30 for new releases, $10 to $16 for catalog titles. “This really is a transformative moment in the distribution of filmed entertainment content,” Paramount Digital Entertainment president Thomas Lesinski said. “Hollywood has finally made a real commitment to sell films online and embrace the digital consumer.”

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If you don’t (like me) feel free to speculate on what this might all mean. What I can’t understand is why they work out so expensive– take a leaf out of Apple’s book guys– unless of course, they are engineering this deliberately to fail, so they can at least say they tried. . .

Posted: April 3rd, 2006
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