GraphicsMagick Tames DPX

A short while ago, I posted an item about GraphicsMagick, the freeware image processing application.
The DPX image format, widely used across the digital intermediate industry as the primary file format for most applications, comes in many different flavours, despite being heavily standardised. Although even many high-end commercial digital intermediate systems (let alone other freeware packages) are unable to interpret certain implementations of the format correctly.
Developer Bob Friesenhahn tells me that he is been experimenting with a large number of files, including esoteric formats such as “YCbCr in Printing Density”, and that GraphicsMagick is already able to correctly identify and process many of the different formats, making this a must-have utility for any facility working with DPX files.
Says Bob:

Please let me know if you hear that YCbCr files with Cb/Cr swapped is a problem which is so common that it is easily solved via a GUI checkbox so no-one thinks twice about it. I suspect that it is because the DPX 2003 specification describes how 10-bit RGB files have their samples in reverse order in the 32-bit word. So if the same rule is (improperly) applied to YCbCr files, then Cb/Cr will be

If anyone can help (or test out some of the other implementations of the DPX format), let us know.

For more information, or to download the program, see

Posted: October 27th, 2005
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