launches “4k” digital intermediate email group

With the Telecine Internet Group taking care of all things Telecine, and the Cinematography Mailing List covering shooting, there seems to be a gap for an email list dedicated to all things digital intermediate.
With this in mind, digital intermediates .org is proud to announce the launch of “4k”, a free subscription service to allow people to discuss DI-related topics from the comfort of their in-box. Said topics will include things such as asset-management, dust-busting, conforming, effects, color grading, and output.
The way it work is as follows: you register for a (free) account, and any time anyone posts a message (either by email or in our forum), you’ll receive the message as an email. You can reply or post new messages by email or directly in the forum, whichever is more convenient. Your messages will then be sent to everyone on the list. Your email address is not shown to anyone, however, you can contact people privately using the email links in the forum.
Full details here
Seeing as this is brand-new, expect a little bit of inertia in the early stages while we work out some of the bugs.

Posted: November 18th, 2005
Categories: News
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