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The search engine, currently in beta stage, allows people to search for video clips. The clips indexed by the engine can be searched using keywords or a “conceptual search”, theoretically allowing users to find a particular sequence of a particular programme. The site indexes over 40,000 clips, from a number of different broadcasters including the BBC, HBO, and NBC.
The service is entirely free to use, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all the content is free. There are also rumours of Microsoft, Google, and Apple developing similar systems

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What is allows you to search the web for video and audio clips. Unlike other search providers, not only lets you search using standard keyword and Boolean queries but you can also use conceptual search. This type of search is provided by blinkx only, and allows you to enter normal text for which will return results whose content is conceptually similar to your search text. also includes Smart Folders which allow you to to view video clips, audio clips and web sites that deal exactly with the kind of topics that you want to know about – without having to be connected to the Internet! Automatically updating their content as new information becomes available, Smart Folders organize information for you. Smart Folders are just like normal folders and you can put them wherever you normally put folders.

Smart Folders are just like normal folders. You can create them from your query or from individual results that a query produces and put them wherever you normally put folders, be it on your hard drive, in your My Documents folder or on your desktop.

Once you’ve trained a Smart Folder, so that it knows what type of information you want it to store, it automatically gets smarter over time as it continually scans for new information and automatically updates itself. You don’t need to remember a particular word or filename, if content is available, it is automatically brought to you without you having to even know of its existence.

For example, if you were doing a research project, you could execute a search in, and create Smart Folders from your query or from the individual results that your query has produced. Three days later, a video clip on this subject that has appeared on the web would automatically be put into the Smart Folder for you.

You can set up your Smart Folders to just store links to video and audio clips on the web, or to download the video and audio clips that they match. The Smart Folder’s trickle-download feature makes ensures that video and audio clips can be downloaded without any negative impact on your computer’s performance, so that you can enjoy perusing your Smart Folders’ content any time you want, be it on a train, a plane or any other place where an Internet connection is not available.

Posted: May 29th, 2005
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