Autodesk M&E NAB Lineup

Autodesk Media & Entertainment have announced details of their demo line-up for NAB later this month.

• Brian Reid from Technicolor Toronto, who will demo a Reactine spot and its use of the Discreet Fire® and Smoke systems
• Kevin Baillie, Jonathan Harman and Shadi Almassizadeh from The Orphanage, who will demo how they used Autodesk 3ds Max® to deliver some amazing shots for Sin City, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Hellboy
• Mark Casey from ILM, who will demo work done with the Discreet Flame® and Discreet Inferno® systems on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Van Helsing
• Jeff Olm from SPI, who will demo Spider-Man 2 and the use of the Flame system to create some shots for this award-winning blockbuster film
• Philippe Soeiro and Philippe Reinaudo from Éclair Laboratoires, who will demo how they used the Discreet Lustre® and Inferno systems on Alexander, and the Lustre system on A Very Long Engagement
• Verdi Sevenhuysen from R!OT, who will demo how the Inferno system was used to create the Steve McQueen Ford Mustang spot. He will also explain how the Inferno system work tied in with the Lustre system
• Culley Bunker from Base 2 Studios, who will demo how they used Autodesk Combustion® for the Black Eyed Peas “Let’s Get it Started” video, and other music videos

Full press release:
Autodesk Media and Entertainment – Booth #SL1920

4 April 2005— Autodesk®, Inc. today announced that it will be at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB) being held in Las Vegas from 18–21 April 2005. Autodesk will be in booth #SL1920 and will host several clients demonstrating groundbreaking post-production work realised by some of the industry’s greatest talent – such as VIACOM Boston, rhinofx, Technicolor Toronto, The Orphanage, Industrial Light & Magic, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Éclair Laboratoires, R!OT and Base 2 Studios.

Michael Ruzicka, post-production manager and senior Discreet® Smoke® artist for VIACOM Boston, will demonstrate how CBS and UPN used the Smoke system to redesign their station promotions and graphics packages. Smoke was pivotal in accomplishing the project, given the one-and-a-half month time frame available to completely revamp the design. “Smoke allows us the flexibility and speed that are essential for the quick-turnaround environment of broadcast work,” explained Ruzicka. “With Smoke we were able to easily reference the archives of our projects and instantly adjust the set-ups to the new design. Smoke enabled us to completely change colour palettes and swap logos while keeping the same design elements in place. Having this type of ability and versatility in-house allowed us to deliver high-end content while meeting all our deadlines.” Ruzicka will also demonstrate how Smoke was used to incorporate CBS and UPN’s new looks into additional image campaigns.

rhinofx’ visual effects supervisor/partner Vico Sharabani will be making his third consecutive presentation with Autodesk Media and Entertainment at this year’s NAB conference. Sharabani’s presentation will focus on using the Discreet Inferno® system to create 3D elements and will use recent rhinofx spots for Budweiser and Life Magazine as primary examples. Sharabani will also offer an overview of past techniques, such as an astonishing X-ray effect he created for a “Look Inside the NHL” project. The Point Constraint Rig (PCR) technique elicited high praise from top artists at SIGGRAPH and at last year’s Discreet NAB User Group. Sharabani describes the full 3D rig, constructed inside the Inferno system, as “motion capture-meets-traditional animation.”

Posted: April 4th, 2005
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