Digital Vision Update

I met with some of the guys from Digital Vision today, who are about to move to bigger offices (for their London-based operations at least), and they were telling me about the most recent version of the Nucoda line, which is now close to release.
The big news seems to be the panels. I hope to see these in action next week, but until then it sounds like they’ve got a very well thought-out design. Building upon the now industry-standard tangent panels, Digital Vision have taken a leaf out of Filmlight’s book and just built their own panels. Not only are these fully customisable, as you’d expect, they also have some interesting features. The default configuration I’m told was created in consultation with several graders, and so it should be fairly intuitive even if you’ve no engineering background. I’ve said it many times- the whole point of using panels should be about speed, not just because they look flashy. Well, it seems Digital Vision have done the smart thing and put all the commonly-used functions at the heart of the panel, whilst the less-often used ones are safely tucked out of the way. Most intriguing of all is what they’ve dubbed the “clutch”, a control to set the sensitivity of other controls (I guess that makes it a meta-control)… Other than that, I’m told there are numerous speed improvements over other versions.
Digital Vision will be workshopping the latest version in London throughout next week.
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Posted: January 19th, 2006
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