Lustre 2.6 ships

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Autodesk today announced a new release of its digital color grading and conforming system, Lustre.
Lustre 2.6, which premiered at NAB, offers a few new features over 2.5.

Key New Features in Lustre 2.6 System
• New editorial metadata architecture and subsystem enables powerful new conform and editorial capabilities
• XML-based cut files enable more transparent cross-vendor interoperability
• Intelligent handling of problematic edit decision lists (EDLs)
• Expanded film key code and video timecode handling
• Expanded flags system and new integrated notes for greater project collaboration
• Enhanced linear-mode primary colour correction
• User-selectable keyer source as pre/post input primary
• Improved browser performance with fast parsing of huge clip libraries
• Autodesk Stone Shared optimisation increases real-time performance from centralised storage area network (SAN)

To summarise all the marketing blurb, some things that were broken have now been fixed.
What I’d really like to see (other than all the stuff mentioned in my review of Lustre 2.5), is the black-and-white interface rumoured for Flame & Fire put into here too…

Posted: July 21st, 2005
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