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Bill Hogan posted the following on the TIG:

Director Ingmar Bergman is still working and at age 85 wrote and directed SARABAND. The film stars Liv Ullmann whose daughter Linn has Ingmar Bergman for her father.

Bergman who has pioneered much in his career shot this film in HIGH DEFINITION. And he allows this film to be only shown in HD.

The film will screen in HD at 7:30 pm, Thursday, June 30 at the American Cinematheque’s AERO Theatre in Santa Monica.

The film will use HDCam playback and will be shown on the Panasonic 7000 Series projector courtesy of Birns & Sawyer in Hollywood. This projector has a contrast ratio of over 2000 to 1 so the image on the AERO screen will be terrific.  NO SPECIAL effects CGI in this film to get in the way.

Details of the screening maybe found here.
The AERO Theatre is at 1328 Montana Ave in Santa Monica.

More on the film

Sounds excellent.

imdb entry

Posted: June 30th, 2005
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